Friday, 7 October 2016

US: Obama's last stand?

Exactly when the Department of Defense went rogue may be uncertain, but it's refusal to comply with the terms of Syrian ceasefire went a long way to scuppering a unified assault on International terrorism, so what's next?

Talk of a 'no fly zone' which we all know is a euphemism for regime change by any and all means necessary, could only result in open conflict with Russia, and the question remains, just how many lunatics are running amok in the pentagon?

But there is method in their madness, too.

If Donald Trump becomes favourite to defeat Hilary Clinton, then America may find itself following the dark and well trodden path of despots and non-democratic governments, and start a war, thus creating an external adversary to either gain public support, or as a way to impose martial law, and suspend the presidential elections.

When Ben Carson first floated this idea back in 2014, the idea seemed extreme and merely paranoid conservatism, but current warmongering and media compliance to the general softening-up of public opinion, means that the Anarchy he warned about could be within US government, and not on the streets.

Can President Obama resist the madmen and women closest to him, or is he really the lame duck they perceive him to be? 

This is another question that presents itself, and the answer may determine his true legacy and all our futures.