This is not About Me.

There are several issues and recurring themes which I hope to cover in a little more depth than just the occasional post, and this leads to the first such item.

Anyone living through the Cold War who then witnessed the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, would naturally have expected a brighter, safer, more prosperous future for the whole of humanity.

But that was not to be.

What we have instead, is outright cruelty and deception on a scale possibly never seen before.

Things which once happened in distant countries and isolated communities, are now appearing on TV screens in living rooms across the globe. People can take a smart phone from their pocket, and witness the sort of carnage that even our Middle and Dark Age forbears would have called the work of satan, and gasped that such inhumanity could take place on God's green Earth.

Yet today, we prevaricate and debate on all manner of political niceties, and engage in more mental acrobatics than a Chinese circus, to avoid calling out those responsible, and the ideologies that permit and encourage these horrors.

Note that ideologies is plural, because it is not just 'extremist' islam that is to blame, but extremist capitalism, liberalism and any number of other obsessive compulsions that have brought us to this point.

So, I'm starting here with the most pressing and worrying of today's dangers.

There are many euphemisms and roundabout terms and descriptions, like conflict, and jihad, or armed struggle, but let's stick with the most descriptive and unambiguous word that we all understand.

This is about:-                             War >>