Monday, 19 March 2018

UK: A walk in the park

For anyone who does not know about Tommy Robinson, I suggest you watch his appearance at the Oxford Union, to find something of what has brought Tommy to the public's attention.

For the rest of us, yesterday's Free Speech event marked something of a turning point in the political awakening for many people who had previously been sleep-walking towards the end of Western culture and freedom.

And that is no exaggeration.

That London even needs a Free Speech movement, should be all the clue we require to assess how dire our situation has become.

The fact that small gangs of 'activists' tried to intimidate those attending and prevent Tommy from speaking, is further proof of our predicament, I personally did not witness the altercations, but there are videos circulating which appear to have been shot before Tommy's arrival, and show at least one gang of Asians (that's their official name, btw) attacking attendees.

Anyway, Tommy arrived to great applause and general excitement and those Asians, and their Antifa accomplices, quickly disappeared among the crowd or off to skulk in the background, such that many people had no clue they had even turned up. But they will be back, and that is all we need to know about them.

Below is some hand-held phone footage which I hope gives an impression of the general good natured enthusiasm in Tommy's reception.

Those who deride the Tommy Robinson phenomena, would do well to remember that Democracy needs Free Speech to exist, for how else can we know who to vote for, or just as importantly, who to vote against.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Russia: Let the investigation begin

So Boris Johnson thinks it likely that Putin personally ordered the chemical attack on a Russian double agent, this after Teresa May said something similar a few days earlier, but, are you convinced?

Well, I'm not convinced, not yet, anyway.

The only vague consensus is that this attack was, in all probability, the work of a State actor rather than an individual with a grudge or financial interest. So lets start from that assumption, and, unlike the aforementioned politicos, I will refrain from putting a name to the chief suspect, but will instead leave you to draw your own conclusion.

Motive - Which State has the greatest incentive to discredit president Putin and turn the West against Russia. Is there any State currently in conflict with Russia or likely to be, if given sufficient support?

Means - The chemical compound used was developed during the Soviet era, so, which State, currently hostile towards Russia, was either in the USSR, or has access to Soviet era technologies and personnel?

Opportunity - The latest intelligence suggests that the nerve agent was planted on the ex-spy's daughter, possibly during a recent visit to Russia, so who among her friends and associates would have links to a State hostile towards Russia? It is fairly safe to assume that the daughter of a Russian defector would have few friends within the Russian establishment, but rather more likely among the activists and dissidents most disaffected with Vladimir Putin & Co. So which State speaks Russian as a first or second language and has easy access to Moscow?

Intractable as this issue seems, the possibility that someone got close enough and was trusted enough by Yulia Skripal, to fool her into accepting such a deadly nerve agent, could be the only reliable path to solving this dreadful crime.

Friday, 9 March 2018

UK: Russia's poisoned Cup

As International intrigue returns to UK with the attempted assassination of ex-spy Sergei Skripal, there appears to be only one suspect, none less than Vladimir Putin and his evil Russians.

This is not the first such news-grabbing incident and the truth may never be properly established, but the unwillingness to consider why or who did it at this time, is new.

When Alexander Litvinenko lay dying from polonium poisoning, speculation was rife and many fingers pointed to the Russian state, but there was some level of analysis; could it have been personal enemies or rogue agents? Whoever was responsible, it was a complicated investigation and one feels a level of confidence that the truth was sought.
So who might have carried out this latest act of skulduggery?

Establishing a motive for such headline grabbing act of aggression is easy because there are so many, and difficult, for exactly the same reason, but Putin's revenge does not figure too highly in my own estimation, can anyone seriously assert that he would sanction such an action, with the 1st round of Presidential elections starting just two weeks later, on 18th March.

With the World Cup just three months away, would Putin or any patriotic Russian, put their nation under so dark a shadow? I think not.

Remembering the winter Olympics of Sochi 2014,  there are some striking similarities to this World Cup, with objections and disparagement's surrounding both that and this.

But there are other, more sinister similarities.

It is almost three months to the start of the World Cup in June, and at about the same time before Sochi, we saw the commencement of Euromaidan, which resulted in the overthrow of Victor Yanukovyc just two days before the closing ceremony in Russia.

Using the cover of a prestigious sporting event to embarrass or distract an enemy is nothing new, but it is that word 'enemy' which bothers me.

We see arms sales increasing to that most unstable and bellicose administration in Ukraine, with their fascist armies recruiting on the streets of London, and now we have a small English city at the center of a dastardly plot to eliminate this previously little-known spy and again bring the world's attention upon the Russian State.

The use of chemical/nerve agents means this is unlikely to be a personal attack, but just who conspired to poison a middle aged man and his daughter will remain a mystery for some time to come, but the list of suspects is far longer than we are led to believe, and stretches from Washington DC all the way to Kiev and beyond to the gates of the Kremlin, but I sincerely doubt, they continue beyond and inside those walls, in any officially, or unofficially, sanctioned position.

Regardless of who carried out this act, my greater concern is that the people of the Donbass may have more to worry about in the coming year, than who will win the World cup.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

UK: Talking about Brexit

As Teresa May continues to tout for business, 'today China, tomorrow the world' (or at least USA, with president Trump's state visit back on the cards) there is arguably greater potential much closer to home.

With the victory of president Zeman in Czech elections, the threat of further defections from EU looms large for the same people we are currently negotiating with for 'favorable' terms, and if such a scenario cannot be exploited, then the UK really is finished as an independent entity.

And it's not just the Visegrad group who are shaking the EUs wobbly foundations, Austria too has found refuge in reason and voted to end the nightmare of Merkel's making.

So why are we not talking to these nations as a priority?

I can understand the reluctance, given the general media bias against anything to the right of Marx or East of Berlin. But negotiating is all about menace, and the merest hint of alternative affiliations in and around Europe (especially those built on self-determination and self-protection, with trade and economic benefits for all participants), would greatly strengthen our position in dealing with Juncker & Co, and possibly even return us to the status of equal partner in the 'divorce' proceedings.

Could it be the Russian connection?

Well Poland is hardly pro-Russia, so that fear is largely unfounded, but anyway, Russia is also a large market and energy supplier, so what's not to like about that?

But this is all speculation, and the whole point about negotiation is to keep options open, and when confronting the EU (as we saw when they disemboweled Greece), there is no gentlemanly old boy's understanding, so if we hope to stay 'friends', we have already lost.

If the UK, V4 and Austria did split into some more reasonable trading group, who knows how many nations would seek to follow, and that is a threat the EU cannot contemplate.

First we need to determine just what a good deal looks like, and that's not just free trade of goods and services, but guarantees about Financial systems, then send our negotiating team to Brussels and the PM to Prague.

I believe that Ryanair have some pretty good offers at the moment.

Friday, 5 January 2018

US: Did Trump save Christmas?

When Russia thanked US security services for information that helped prevent a holiday attack in St Petersburg, did we see the first tangible benefits of policy changes brought about by America's new President?

There were many other thwarted attacks, including San Francisco, and while we have seen such attacks foiled before, the election of a man determined to use appropriate language when describing islamist terror has undoubtedly loosened, if not completely removed, the self imposed shackles of Western intelligence agencies who have been increasingly restricted from dealing with the monstrous threats that we all face.

The most glaring example of this is in New York, where mayor De Blasio presided over the blatant crippling of public safety thus enabling that city's recent mass murder event.

 Where America leads, the world often follows, and there is no way of knowing how much the platitudes and defeatism of successive US administrations has left Western authorities pressured to ignore unfashionable facts when dealing with the foreign and domestic threat of Global Jihadis and their islamist supporters.

On this twelfth day of Christmas, it's worth noting that the relatively peaceful period was only realized in our predominately non-Muslim world, while elsewhere the slaughter continued unabated, so it is not too fanciful to suppose that the change of leadership of the West may have had a significant effect on our ability to defend ourselves.

There are many areas where I disagree with Donald Trump and I have no idea how long he will remain President, but, for now at least, we should perhaps raise a glass and wish him well and recognize that there are many people looking forward to 2018, who might otherwise be simple statistics of those killed and injured by islamic atrocities.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

US: America's First Lady

Like most people in 2015 hearing news of the islamist attack on an exhibition in Garland Texas, which featured artwork depicting muhamed through the years, my reaction was one of incredulity, coming only four months after the Charlie Hebdo shooting where a dozen journalists and cartoonists were killed, the 'Draw Muhammed' competition seemed a reckless and unnecessary provocation.

I was soon to learn that this was indeed a deliberate 'provocation', but in the sense that Rosa Parks had been provocative on her infamous bus ride in Montgomery Alabama, or the way that the Boston Tea Party had also been a deliberate and dangerous provocation.

During the following news cycle, three names appeared and reappeared with increasing levels of disdain, first among them was Pamela Geller; as activist and organizer in chief, she joined Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders to personify what we in the West are doing to thoroughly 'deserve' the murderous enrichment that islam bestows upon us.

Shortly after that I decided to research islam for myself, and looking back now I can see how clearly racist we are in the West. By assuming their religion is inherently peaceful, we are also assuming that it is only 'cultural' or 'ethnic' differences that make so many Muslims violent and cruel - we find it far too easy to blame the people, rather than the ideology.

After many years living in blissful ignorance, finding the truth about islam and mohamed was surprisingly simple. In the days when Google was still a trusted and impartial arbiter, a few quick searches brought the whole sorry story to light: rape, murder, robbery, slavery, deceit, torture, narcissism, pedophilia and even rumors of necrophilia - it's all there, the perfect example for ISIS and their ilk.

Needless to say, my view of the Garland Three changed significantly, and now I can readily empathize with Spencer and Wilders, but Pamela Geller and her strident Zionism remains an enigma, so I was pleased to pre-order a copy of her latest book, Fatwa: Hunted in America.

The first thing to note is that this book is not about Pamela in any trivial or personal sense. It is primarily about her fight to keep the freedoms that we all take as granted, to use her own words, she says more than once: "This is not about me", but that's a shame because I, and probably many others, would like to know a little more about 'The most dangerous woman in America'. There is some insight to her early life but it seems her mission takes precedence and she almost forgets herself. A picture does emerge over the following chapters, but this book is primarily about her struggle (jihad against Jihad?) and the vicious hostility of those she is fighting for, as much as from those whom she is fighting against.

There are lots of facts and dates, and if my preamble was news to you, then this book should serve as a concise introduction to one of the greatest threats to your current way of life. If you already know the challenges we face, then her book is an interesting compendium and reference.

It was fitting for me, that on the day I finished reading, President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, another provocative action to be sure, and one that I know will have pleased Pamela.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Saudi: A new king on the block

Saudi Arabia is now moving toward a form of 'moderate' islam. So says their new leader and who could not rejoice at such news, if it were true.

But moving towards a moderate islam confirms that there is also an immoderate islam, and also to admit that the Saudis have previously been followers of that radical ideology. Nothing new here, but I guess an admission of truth is better than continued denial.

The problem is that page one of the International Liars Manual, states that a half truth is always more convincing than a complete lie, so what are we to make of these latest claims?

A skeptic (count me in), would point to the failure of Saudi aggression in Yemen, including their support for Al Qaeda and miserable results of their arming, aiding and financing terrorism in Syria, Iraq and almost everywhere that islamic terrorism exists. Could these disasters have something to do with the new apparent humanity of the Saudi leadership?

That Russia and Iran have emerged stronger from this Saudi destructiveness might also have something to do with the Arabian change of direction, and although we may need to wait a while longer for proof, we should not allow optimism to overrule caution, because the Saudis have a word for telling non-Muslims what they want to hear about the moderateness of their religion.

The American public, especially under Trump, are unlikely to give Saudi Arabia the sort of support they demand, while they continue with their murderous, misogynistic and dehumanizing ways, so is this the real motivation for embracing such wonderful freedoms as letting women drive?

As with the abolition of slavery in 1962 when US pressure forced an earlier flirtation with moderation, we should not underestimate the political agility of Saudi rulers, nor should we assume that one minuscule movement towards humane behaviour indicates anything more than a single, small step in the right direction.