Friday, 29 October 2010

Barack on the Box

Serving first term US President appears on popular comedy show.

Initial reaction to this headline might be 'Does he not want a second term?'

But no, this was Jon Stewart's Daily Show and President Obama was seeking a much needed boost to his party's popularity, before the coming midterm elections.

Here in the UK it's rare to see the President in such 'relaxed' settings and it was good to note that he still has the look of the knowledgeable and determined politician that we saw all those months ago, but things have moved on and the initial euphoria has certainly subsided.

He is starting to adopt the world weary air that comes with the territory but it was abundantly clear that his team are there, not to tell him what to do, but rather, how to get things done.

What puzzles me is how the Democrats have cornered the market in personable and intelligent presidents, when the majority of recent Republicans appeared to need an adviser to tell them when to pee.

Very strange.

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