Tuesday, 31 January 2012

2012: A Year to remember?

Although 2011 was yet another year that many would prefer to forget, could 2012 buck the trend of recent history?

Keeping focused on the clear and present dangers facing us all becomes increasingly difficult as governments flounder and flap in the face of economic and political turmoil, but here are a few of the perenial problems that we would do well to remember:-

Climate change - denial is still surprisingly popular (and profitable).

Corruption - what used to be a Third-world condition has now reached epidemic proportions in the English-speaking world.

Over-population - not so much the elephant in the room, more the acid in the bathtub.

Pollution - from the plastic Pacific to any place else you care to look, the only question here is where to begin.

Iraq - it started with political isolation followed by sanctions and invasion: sound familiar?

If only one of these issues was even partially addressed, then 2012 might actually become a year worth remembering.