Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Russia: Friend or Foe?

Having grown up during the first Cold War, the recent posturings between East and West are uncomfortable reminders of that dark time, for me.

There are differences now, though, and Russia does not pose the ideological or military threat that the USSR did (unfortunately, we can be assured that there are those who seek a return to that situation).

As trusted and reliable trading partners, we have more in common now than ever before. In fact, with the EU's eastward encroachment, it could be argued that Europe is getting closer both geographically and culturally to Russia.

With this proximity comes responsibility, and our politicians are displaying a recklessness un-befitting of their office.

Putin-bashing may be popular sport in North America, but such sentiments have no place in modern Europe, and today's absurd consensus must not go unchallenged, for even the simplest answer will elude us if we don't first ask the question.

So who collapsed the European banking system and wrought Austerity upon us? And whose Corporate masters seek to force us to eat GMO's and drink from poisoned water supplies?

Instead of simply painting Russia as the enemy, our media would be far better advised to establish whose actions cause us harm, and where our real interests are.