Sunday, 13 July 2014

Ukraine: Time to use the 'N' word

What we now call fascism has probably been part of human experience since before history, when we first combined into tribes and clans and divided ourselves into us and them.

So when the dollar-backed agitators enlisted and organized Ukraine's Right Sector to overthrow the Yanukovych government, the US probably thought, or at least hoped, that they were installing a benign, anti-Russian regime, not dissimilar to the Spanish model of the mid twentieth century, but events are not following that optimistic presumption.

Unlike Franco, who needed to call upon Hitler's Nazis to bomb the Basques of Guernica, the present Ukraine government is proving adept at doing its own destructive dirty work, using both heavy artillery and aerial bombardment to further their political aims. Their unprovoked attacks on small villages and towns also bears the hallmarks of Gestapo reprisal attacks against civilian populations throughout occupied Europe.

Continued recruitment of fascist militias into Ukraine's National Guard, leaves it resembling the Waffen-SS as a politically motivated and violent arm of the state, not bound by the normal rules of military engagement, and willing to do whatever is required by their own form of ethnic cleansing.

Unfortunately Ukraine's new president calls for neither peace nor reconciliation.

Therefore, the only question left about the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, is whether president Poroshenko has simply lost control of the extreme elements within his country, or if he is one of them?