Wednesday, 23 March 2016

EU: Merkel's madness

So the deal is (almost) done.

Our leaders continue to placate the islamic state of Turkey with promises, deals and more money, but this is not enough; it seems, now we have joined them in their preparations for ethnically cleansing Kurdistan of it's Kurdish population.

In coordination with their allies in the other islamic state of daesh (or whatever this week's name is for the Religion of War) the Turks are making ready to move into the Eastern provinces under their control, utilising the distraction of this year's 'Summer Terrorist Offensive', currently intended to be Euro 2016 in France,  but no doubt, if our security forces can keep a lid on that event, the islamic murderers will find another.

So what's the big deal?

Visa free access to the EU, that's the big deal.

There are over 14 million Kurds under Turkish control, or should that be occupation? And while the world may not permit another genocide on the scale of that committed on Armenian Christians, Visa free travel will allow thousands or even millions of displaced Kurds to escape (or be driven) into Europe, but will they ever want or be allowed, to return?

Thus it continues, Turkey murders with impunity, and the German chancellor descends further into insanity, dragging the rest of Europe down via the fevered dementia of the latest Reich's leader.

Which century are we living in?