Thursday, 28 April 2016

UK: A two State solution in deed

As one half of Britain languishes in its inflated house price bubble, the other remains with negative equity a constant threat.

Recent figures suggest that 53% of houses in the UK are still worth less than in 2007.

So what about the proclaimed economic recovery, where is all the growth we're supposed to be celebrating, and where did all that free cash, otherwise known as quantitative easing, go to?

Well isn't that a silly question - only an imbecile, or a Tory beneficiary, would say such a stupid thing, for we all know who the real benefits scroungers are, in modern Britain.

Having brought our economy to the point of bankruptcy, our financial services elite continue to extort tribute from the population at large, with our tacit consent and seemingly unbounded approval.

The New Feudalism of this sorry century, which sees greed rewarded and honesty punished, is just one more factor in the shameful and lengthening list of causes for the imminent cataclysm.