Saturday, 21 May 2016

France: Flames of coincidence or collaboration?

With only three weeks until Euro 2016 kicks off in Paris on June 10th the French police might rightly expect to be fine-tuning their emergency response procedures, gathering intelligence, and otherwise preparing for what will undoubtedly be a prime target for islamic terror.

They might not, though, expect to be caught up in running battles with, and attempted murder by, the very population that they may soon be defending with their own lives.

Since the revolution of 1789, the French have had a long and proud history of street protest and disruption, so it is no surprise that any attempt to reform their complex labour laws would inevitably fill the avenues and boulevards with angry and vociferous citizens and there is no need for conspiracy theorists to bother themselves with complex interpretations of recent events.

But there is a bigger picture here, and one that needs exposure.

As the first pieces of wreckage from flight MS804 are being recovered, the reason for it's demise is still unclear and may not even be terrorist related, but the fact that it was destroyed only three hours after leaving Paris, should at least remind the French of just what they are facing, and of the ruthless cruelty of those plotting against them.

We know that islamic jihad and the hard left are kindred spirits in their wish to destroy Western civility and tolerance, but could they really be in league to the extent that they would join in an operation to disrupt our security preparations and diminish our representatives' ability [I say this as a European], to defend us and save our lives?

The people of France should be asking themselves in whose interests these violent gangs are acting?

Let's take a quick 'What / If' scenario:-

Imagine that in one of these violent hotspots, a masked jihadi leaps from the crowd, then waving a machete and screaming ali akbar or (whatever it is they scream to their malevolent deity), he proceeds to hack and swipe at some bleeding policeman, before retreating among his fellow 'protesters'.

Would they feel threatened by his run towards them and part in horror, even assisting with his capture, or would they surround and shield him and assist his escape?

Only a fool would deny that numbers of the latter are active in these demonstrations.

In the same way that there were enablers of the previous fascist occupation of France, there will be those who, through fear or ambition, choose to aid and abet the current invasion, just as there will be those who won't.

Vive La RĂ©sistance