Monday, 4 July 2016

EU: Merkel muss weg

After the vote for Britain to leave the EU, David Cameron did the only sensible thing, and resigned, but the chaos continues.

The rest of Europe is in turmoil too.

Austria is to re-run their Presidential elections, while there are calls for referendums across the EU, Democracy, it seems, is breaking out all over Europe, except in one place, that place is where the troubles emanate from and are enabled.

Although she is also facing the threat of democratic demands from her population, she is unlikely to accept such an assault from the forces of freedom, neither is she likely to do the 'honourable' thing and resign. Germany and Europe are stuck with her, for now at least.

Warum Merkel muss gehen.

When Cameron won the last election amid promises to hold a referendum on UK's membership of the EU, he immediately went to meet with mama, with promises that he could secure real reforms of the bureaucratic mess that EU has become under German and French direction. She agreed it was necessary, then gave him nothing.

She obviously felt that saying one thing and doing another is an acceptable way of conducting international affairs (and she's not alone there, of course). But by accepting the need, yet delivering nothing, she opened the door for Britain to leave, and they have voted to do just that.

Perhaps she thought that British people were more concerned with their pockets than their way of lives, and even life itself, but of that, she was grossly mistaken.

One million 'migrants' coming from the most disgusting war zones, where crimes against humanity, and even against God Himself, may not bother her, but it bothers many of us.

That 80% of those arriving, are single, fighting aged males, may not concern her either, but they concern those of us with families to protect.

That she called for the invasion of Europe, by people who are religiously opposed to our culture and faith, may not interest her, but it is most definitely in our interest.

And when she destroyed Greece, forcing them to fund her bailout of German and French banks, imposing even harsher conditions after their referendum against just such cruel austerity, did she think that we would not notice, or that we would be too scared to fight her new Reich?

We knew that we might be next, and so it has transpired with EU attempts to make an example of us and force us to leave, without even a cursory glimpse at what our new 'status' might be.

And what of the illustrious Chancellor, surely she has helped Germany become the industrial powerhouse of Europe, so she must know something?

Yeah, right.

German exports are built on the Southern European states, whose sluggish economies keep the Euro valued way below, possibly half, of what the Deutsch mark would otherwise be, thus making VW, Mercedes and BMW et al, affordable and attractive throughout the world.

German engineering is good, but it is expensive, or it would be, if Germany stood alone instead of being supported and nurtured by the rest of Europe. Her great 'achievement' for the German economy therefore, has been in keeping the rest of Europe poor, and the Euro down.

So, the question might be better put, not why should she go, but how can she stay?