Monday, 12 September 2016

US: A timely reminder

Security planners and personnel around the world should breathe a shared sigh of relief that 9/11, for this year at least, has gone off relatively peacefully with possibly only a minor skirmish in Kenya to note. Of course this was not for the want of trying, and we may never know how many planned attacks were foiled, but let's take our blessings as they come, and be thankful.

The jihadist's unrelenting attempts to commemorate and highlight their deeds of 15 years ago, are already well known, but there is more to this grim anniversary than that.

For as soon as the clock struck midnight the media and politicians (for the most part, anyway), put away their sad faces for another year, and reverted to their jolly 'islam is a Religion of Peace' mantra, while continually wondering how so many muslims could read koranic texts and then act upon them. And, as September 12th began, the never ending guilt by association with events that may have upset muslims, continued anew and refreshed.

This is why 9/11 is such an important day in all our calendars.

It is otherwise easy to pronounce that French cartoonists were killed because they drew cartoons, or that innocents are being murdered across Europe and America, because of their government's actions. But remembering the murder of thousands on that day should, and will, also serve to remind us that the Afghan invasion was the result, and not the cause, of 9/11.

And while the invasion of Iraq was undoubtedly a crass piece of settling scores by the younger Bush, following on from the unfinished work of his father; the purpose of that first Desert Storm, was to remove Kuwait from the clutches of Sadam Hussein and had no Western Imperialistic intentions, other than those usual drivers of money and oil.

It is also noteworthy that just a few days ago permission was given to build a wall in France to prevent 'migrants' from attacking lorries and their drivers. Yet, while all our sympathies are engineered towards the humanitarian plight of these 'victims of war', and by implication, our wars, we should remember that iterations of the infamous 'jungle' camp have been around since 1999 - long before 9/11, et al.

Lastly, the distaste at muslim attempts to build a victory mosk on the murder scene, may also become an annual pointer to the reality and depth of stealth jihad, and if so, then the families and friends of the victims of 9/11 should find more than a little comfort from knowing that the ones they remember, really did not die in vain.