Saturday, 12 November 2016

US: Why we should welcome President Trump

So, the votes have been cast; America has elected a new President, and the world is a little bit safer for all of us.

There's still a long way to go, but the possibilities are encouraging.

What is not encouraging though, is the refusal of media and many 'democrats' to accept the will of the people. Their disappointment is understandable, but their actions are not.

The same broadcasters who accused Mr. Trump of being headstrong and extreme, are now complaining that his post-election moderation is a sign of backtracking, while the rioting on US streets is nowhere portrayed as the threat to Democracy that it surely is.

That America chose a brash and arrogant billionaire over a corrupt and duplicitous millionaire should have surprised nobody, but it has truly shocked those who would have us believe that they know better than everyone else. Go figure that one out.

But the biggest challenge to popular revolution is yet to come.

Europe has a plethora of elections in 2017, and the defending elite will now be on their guard following Brexit and Trump. These are also countries that are not native English speaking, so their media outlets have a captive audience for the globalized and deceitful propaganda that passes as news and commentary, but success is a great incubator, so we can remain hopeful for the future.

Can President Trump succeed in making America great again?

Why not, he has identified many of the problems, which is the essential first step, and although some of his 'solutions' are no such things, he has skilled advisers and voters on his side, so he has a chance.

As someone taking time off from a minor property development of my own to write this post, I can appreciate that despite his wealth, Donald is part of the real world, knows it's restrictions and understands that the laws of physics and economics cannot be defied, unlike those fiat financiers who have for too long held the rest of us to ransom.

Anyway, Good luck Mr. Trump.