Monday, 4 September 2017

Myanmar: A lesson for EU and US

As another IS inspired insurgency begets blood and destruction, the West appears incapable of recognizing, much less, understanding the threat of islamist expansionism.

The Saudi funded Salafist ideology that stretches out from Mecca, through the Balkans to the Caucasus,  down into Africa,  and east through Afghanistan to India and Kashmir, and on to the Philippines and China, is unrelenting and cruel. Anywhere, it seems that fundamentalist islam goes, war will soon follow.

When muslim populations grow, so inevitably the number of extremists increases, so too does the expansionist orthodoxy of Wahhabism, which provides the financial incentive and scriptural justification for murder and mayhem.

As with all the above conflicts, there are histories and versions of history, which each side will cite to validate their own position. There will also be crack-downs by governments and atrocities by combatants, both regular and guerrilla, and the media will take a side, based not on facts, but on who is paying the most and lobbying the hardest.

The issue for the West, though, is not who is at fault, but where will these conflicts affect next?

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon in the West, but never before has it claimed 'divine' sanction, and never have it's potential perpetrators been allowed to enter their avowed target populations in such unmanageable numbers.

Then what happens when our own muslim populations are so large, that the much vaunted minority of extremists, reaches sufficient numbers to threaten our stability and social cohesion?

Many on the Right will say that we have already reached this tipping point and that Sweden, France, Belgium etc are all the evidence we need to start defensive preparations in advance of the upcoming conflict; but the Left say that there's nothing wrong, and that we should welcome many thousands, or even millions, more muslims into Europe and America.

While the one viewpoint may be paranoid, the other is surely delusional.

And delusional is an apt word to describe, not just the German chancellor, but also the people who are threatening to vote her back into office.