Sunday, 26 December 2010

Top tips for travellers to Euro Disney

Some essential do's and dont's for Disneyland Paris

Do get there early to avoid the longest queues.

Do take advantage of the Fastpass where available. These are free and will help to limit waiting times for the most popular rides.

Do prepare for some disapointment if you have children under about 1.40m. The height restrictions seem quite arbitrary with similar rides having very different requirements.

Don't expect any sympathy when your offspring are refused entry, you will more likely receive a curt 'Non' as you are summarily waved away.

This brings me to another Disney mystery: who decided to site the Disney Resort adjacent to a city that prides itself on having the rudest and most sullen inhabitants in Europe? Don't expect much smiling 'Have a nice day' round these parts.

Don't forget any belongings when leaving the rides. Although other holidaymakers will likely hand them in when found, some attendants appear to see recycling other peoples possessions as a legitimate perk of the job (along with refusing children entry to rides).

Do try to avoid school holiday periods. Another consequence of being located so close to Paris, are the gangs of teenagers milling around at certain times. Queue jumping becomes rife and is tolerated by most. It is also noticable how the same ride attendants that take such pleasure in policing the height restrictions quickly absent themselves when these unpleasant groups are around.

Do enjoy yourself, there's plenty of entertainment and some great rides with most ages well catered for.

Don't let me put you off (well, maybe just a little).