Wednesday, 1 December 2010

WikiLeaks: the Presidents defense

And so it goes on.

More leaks and embarrassment, an ever larger stock of published material, and it has to be said, that in these days of heightened security, the amount of data being moved undetected to the WikiLeaks servers is quite astounding.

The US say they have blocked the source [a State Department database] but do not yet know who the Source is and it certainly brings into question how a single email loop between cyber-smart terrorist conspirators could ever be tracked effectively.

It's all very intriguing, and in true spook style, Julian Assange (WL founder) is now wanted on various sex charges in Sweden - which just happens to be the country which protects whistle blowers and where he hopes to reside.

You couldn't make it up?
Actually you could and plenty of film makers have... Next he wakes in a hotel room with a dead hooker in the bed beside him and no memory of how either of them got there. Just hope he remembers to check under any cars he rides in.

But what's all the fuss about?

Why don't the Government just advise everyone to adopt the Ronald Regan defence.

"What conversation?", "I don't recall writing that memo" or "I have no recollection of sending that email" should do fine.

Life was so much simpler before the Internet.