Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015: An intolerable year

Two days into the New Year, and nothing much has changed, our enemies are still plotting our destruction, and our leaders are still aiding and abetting them.

In the name of tolerance, we stood by and watched while others suffered, and in our pious certainty we forgave the evildoers and demanded that their victims forgave them also and took their part of the blame for simply being there.

A year that saw Saudi Arabia chair a UN panel on human rights, then form it's Coalition of the Damned to attack Yemen, was also the 100th anniversary of Turkey's slaughter of a million or so Christians, so we should not have been too surprised at the savagery that took place elsewhere in their sphere of influence, but the absolute refusal of our elected and unelected representatives to confront, or even acknowledge, the root cause of the carnage, has been the most telling and worrying aspect.

While voices are starting to sound the danger before us, with Cameron, Hollande and Trump most senior, the problem we face in recognizing what we are fighting against, is as nothing to agreeing on what we are fighting for.

So corrupted and demoralized are we now, that tackling the beast may be beyond our collective will if we tolerate even one more year like the last.