Sunday, 10 January 2016

Ireland: Was justice done?

So common sense prevailed, but was justice really served?

Pastor James McConnell was acquitted, but his name has been besmirched, and the judge, in releasing him, has nonetheless declared his comments offensive.

Even though he declared islam to be satanic and heathen, police refused to prosecute under the banner of hate speech, presumably because the good pastor was simply being honest and accurate, and there is no libel in the truth.

So the instrument used to attempt a conviction, was that his remarks about not trusting Muslims were offensive, but surely common sense also demands that a man be cautious of those who might murder him for his views?

It is clear that there are texts within their creed that they themselves find offensive, but would it not be better for them to remove these passages, rather than condemn those who comment on such iniquities?

How they reconcile their ancient prejudices within the civilized world is their own concern, and in a free society we cannot legislate a person's right to be offended, but this licence should not extend to tarnishing the reputation of the truthful.

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