Saturday, 13 February 2016

EU: Don't get fooled again!

Watching George Galloway and Nigel Farage talking European Referendum on RT's Sputnik this morning, brought together the two British politicians with whom I have the most, and least, in common, to discuss the one subject that I am definitely least certain about.

RT have yet to upload the broadcast, so perhaps you can enjoy this instead while reading on.

They also have the rare distinction of being two of Britain's most eloquent and honest politicians, so it should be no surprise, that I was persuaded by their arguments to leave the EU on many points, and can unreservedly say that there is a convincing case to be made for British exit.

But, and please excuse the illusion, but this really is a huge but; there is more to staying or leaving Europe at this time, than at any other, in over 300 years.

We are no longer talking about political niceties or our perceived loss of sovereignty to the EU Commission, what we are (or should) be talking about today, is the very end of Western Europe as we know it.

That may sound extreme, but it is becoming ever more imminent the less it is talked about, and more likely to happen for exactly the same reason.

So, if George and Nigel were recommending a strategic withdrawal, in the manner of Dunkirk, so that we might recoup and gather our forces, and remain an island fortress; that we were leaving, in order to preserve and defend Western Democracy and Freedom, then I would be even more persuaded to join the impending Brexit.

But these two politicians are the exception, not the rule, and I can only see us left defenceless to the cries of 'We're on our own now, and must make allegiances with our 'other' closest allies'.

Does anyone really doubt that would mean TTIP on steroids, and Saudi petrodollars deciding every single issue in Britain tomorrow, rather than just the half they influence today?

Given the choice, and it may actually come to this, I would choose to fight and die as a European, rather than face a slow, dishonourable death by creeping sharia.

Unlike the Battle for Vienna, we now have the enemy in our midst, thanks in no small part to Frau Merkel, but also our own profligate and corrupt elites.

And that is no exaggeration.

If only 1% of the current undocumented and unknown migrant influx, are committed jihadis (and even the most conservative estimates are much higher); and if only 10% of them are jihadi sympathisers (and again, estimates put the numbers as much, much higher), then, do we, or do we not, have a problem of potentially massive proportions?

So my only question for Nigel and George, is this: Were you really talking about a brave and noble exit from the ravages of European bureaucracy, or were you simply suggesting we join the rats as they depart the sinking ship that we once called Civilization?