Friday, 5 February 2016

UK: UNlawful detention

So it's official, the world is upside down.

As a child we used to wonder, what it was like to stand Down Under.

Well now we know, it doesn't feel much different, but nothing looks the same.

So transfixed was I by the morning press briefing (courtesy RT) that I turned up an hour late for work. There was too much to write about just now, but I have to mark the day.

A bevy of uninformed and blatantly biased 'journalists' attempted to draw a rash response from the excellent UN spokesperson who eventually read out the formal statement to them, as if to children who could not read; so rubbish is the reporting that I can't even find his name, but I'll return with a link asap.

One consistent theme of the questioning was that Assange could not be illegally detained, because he entered the embassy voluntarily and could choose to walk out at any time.

The splendid Frenchman kept reminding them, that HMG. has officially declared, Assange would be detained if he left, but they just could not/would not get it.

As a native born Australian, Julian Assange must be struggling with life on the 'upside' of the planet, and I'm sure he has many questions for us, though there's one in particular will be troubling him just now.

So answer if you can: What better definition of prison is there, than a place surrounded by walls and guards, whose job it is to arrest those who try to leave?