Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Syria: Assad must know.

Another chemical attack; more deaths and more confusion, familiar narratives and gross accusations made from the comfort of Western briefing rooms, with little regard for evidence or intelligence.

The crude certainty exhibited by our representatives, ignores the simplest question that we should ask before leaping to cast the Syrian leader leader as a war criminal.

Who benefits from such an attack?

The list here is interesting and revealing, and follows in no particular order...

ISIS, Al-Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, US DNC, US Republicans like Mcain & Co. and possibly a dozen or so more anti-Russian and anti-Syrian agitators in Europe and beyond.

Another question that must surely be asked:-

Why would Assad do such a thing, just when victory against the Islamic terrorists is looking assured?

So ISIS has everything to gain, while Assad has everything to lose, yet Mr Trump appears not to see the obvious in Syria, although the US know well what ISIS are capable of a few hundred miles away in Iraq.

The only certainty amid all the carnage, is that Assad is probably the one person with full access to the truth, but he's also the one person our brilliant leaders refuse to question.