Friday, 2 June 2017

UK: Secrets R US

So the statutory period of 'mourning' is over, and our politicians have returned to their politicking before next week's general election, but what at first seemed like a genuine attempt to be respectful to the dead of Manchester, can clearly be seen now as a cruel and conscious trick to ensure that our next government would not face awkward questions about security and islamic terror.

But it all started so differently, and the days after that event were full of searching and largely honest, inquisition.

I must insist on calling it an 'event' rather than an outrage, or horrendous or any other of the usual descriptors, because anyone even vaguely familiar with the course of global jihad, will know that attacks targeting children and innocents is nothing new, or especially outrageous, and simply something which we should get used to, according to politicians, both here and abroad.

When we ask why was the immediate inquiry into Manchester so different, from all the other 'incidents'?

We are left to overwhelmingly conclude that the Truth made it different.

Unlike those horrors of the Bataclan which the French government managed to hide and deceive the world about, our special relationship with US meant that information was shared with them, even as we were being fobbed off. American media got the message, and the whistle was blown

Thus, just as our politicians, police and other sundry experts were preparing to read from their well worn scripts of a 'mentally ill',  'lone wolf', who was not 'religious', and nothing to do with refugees or islam, we got the news that he was non of these things, that he was a devout muslim, a migrant's son who had memorized the koran and attended a salafist mosk regularly in between frequent trips to Libya and who knows where else?

That such a damning profile did not affect his ability to commit his chosen crime will be cheered by liberals, muslims and other left wing activists, it is surely scant consolation to the families and victims of 22nd May.

There is another interesting consequence of the early outbreak of Truth.

It is common after these tragedies, to release bits of information in dribs and drabs, over many days following the attack, so that no proper debate ensues, and the full picture remains veiled and elusive for weeks or even months to come. But with the cat out of the bag and running loose among our political establishment, we at least found otherwise taboo subjects openly discussed, in particular, whether or not we should talk to terrorists.

Ignoring for a moment, the ludicrous conflation of jihad, with the well defined political aims of IRA and their very Western concept of terror:- i.e. to telephone a handy warning prior to detonation in order to minimize casualties; there is indeed great merit in talking to IS, for maybe then, and only then, our leaders will finally understand the scale and depth of what we are all up against.

But, I accept such a move is probably too sensitive at this time, so perhaps they will allow me to describe that conversation, because it won't be a long meeting. Our negotiators will be given a simple choice: one of either, or.

Either submit (to islam by conversion, or to dhimmitude) or die.