Friday, 5 January 2018

US: Did Trump save Christmas?

When Russia thanked US security services for information that helped prevent a holiday attack in St Petersburg, did we see the first tangible benefits of policy changes brought about by America's new President?

There were many other thwarted attacks, including San Francisco, and while we have seen such attacks foiled before, the election of a man determined to use appropriate language when describing islamist terror has undoubtedly loosened, if not completely removed, the self imposed shackles of Western intelligence agencies who have been increasingly restricted from dealing with the monstrous threats that we all face.

The most glaring example of this is in New York, where mayor De Blasio presided over the blatant crippling of public safety thus enabling that city's recent mass murder event.

 Where America leads, the world often follows, and there is no way of knowing how much the platitudes and defeatism of successive US administrations has left Western authorities pressured to ignore unfashionable facts when dealing with the foreign and domestic threat of Global Jihadis and their islamist supporters.

On this twelfth day of Christmas, it's worth noting that the relatively peaceful period was only realized in our predominately non-Muslim world, while elsewhere the slaughter continued unabated, so it is not too fanciful to suppose that the change of leadership of the West may have had a significant effect on our ability to defend ourselves.

There are many areas where I disagree with Donald Trump and I have no idea how long he will remain President, but, for now at least, we should perhaps raise a glass and wish him well and recognize that there are many people looking forward to 2018, who might otherwise be simple statistics of those killed and injured by islamic atrocities.