Thursday, 22 March 2018

EU: It's us or them

So Teresa May is about to sign her wonderful transition deal in Brussels.

It must be some relief for her, after all those threats and accusations against Putin and Russia, to be among friends and those who only seek mutual benefit in the these latest talks, and yes, I am being sarcastic.

With UK fishing as the latest offering, she is hopeful that we can perhaps be allowed to take the upcoming beating, without deriving too much scorn and ridicule. She has the manner of someone on the receiving end of a lashing who cries 'Not the face', so as to minimize the injuries by allowing them to remain hidden.

But time is running out, and if the ill-intentions of our EU counterparts is not yet obvious to her and our team, then we are in for a very rough ride.

One fact is simple: a successful departure from EU will leave that body so weakened that it will likely not recover, so what on earth does she expect from a Brussels bureaucracy that desperately needs to prove itself and intimidate others into acquiescence?

With Poland only one example of internal dissent, EU authority is under constant challenge, and why would it not be, for what does it offer and what tributes does it demand from its provinces?

  • Forced acceptance of unemployable, uncooperative and potentially seditious migrants, who no longer even pretend to be refugees and quickly cluster in ghettos of anti-European zones of occupation. 
  • Fiscal policies that favour only Germany and continual removal of all democratic processes and all notions of independence and National sovereignty.
  • A money grubbing and self-serving administration that seeks only greater authority for itself and does not even try to hide its disdain for those on whom it depends.
  • The destruction of Europe's very essence and historical place in the world, such that our eventual fall to the horrors of islamic conquest, resisted for some 1400 years, looks increasingly likely and even, as they would have us believe, inevitable.

The list goes on, but I'm frankly tired of even thinking about that discredited stain on our once great civilization.

Negotiations are over, and it's time to take sides. So, Ms May, are you with us?

Just over 40 years of membership has left us politically and diplomatically dependent. We no longer seem to have the knowledge or the will to negotiate anything that even resembles an acceptable deal with those arch conspirators in Brussels, so take your gloves off, and start fighting to win.

Ireland was the only realistic party that could make the transition harmonious and possibly beneficial with the requisite amount of give and take, but they are lead by a man obsessively engrossed in the new liberal ideologies and life-choices so popular in European circles, that, rather than seize this chance to become a focal nation in European affairs, they have chosen to remain anonymous, a minor member of EU27, as they now quaintly regard themselves.

After so many years fighting for Statehood, Ireland has again found the challenge too daunting, and, just as in 1800, where they signed away the independence gained in 1782 , they have now thrown away any chance of proving themselves a major diplomatic force in Europe, and instead, taken to settling old scores and wallowing in petty prejudices.

So what's to be done?

Fight. If Freedom is worth fighting for, then fight for it. Tell us all:- What should Europe look like?

Lay out the plans for the sort of European Common Market that we thought we were joining, and describe the sort of Europe we would be proud and happy to live in. Let those other states, the V4, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, France and even Germany, let them know what a real European future can hold, and watch the discredited and false EU crumple.

We need allies, not handouts.

The EU has made it clear that we are to be punished and defeated, nothing more than collateral damage in their shameful attempts to coerce and cajole their members into accepting their own (and our) demise, so we have nothing to lose except our heads, and everything to gain.

The time has come, Ms May, it's us or them.