Friday, 9 March 2018

UK: Russia's poisoned Cup

As International intrigue returns to UK with the attempted assassination of ex-spy Sergei Skripal, there appears to be only one suspect, none less than Vladimir Putin and his evil Russians.

This is not the first such news-grabbing incident and the truth may never be properly established, but the unwillingness to consider why or who did it at this time, is new.

When Alexander Litvinenko lay dying from polonium poisoning, speculation was rife and many fingers pointed to the Russian state, but there was some level of analysis; could it have been personal enemies or rogue agents? Whoever was responsible, it was a complicated investigation and one feels a level of confidence that the truth was sought.
So who might have carried out this latest act of skulduggery?

Establishing a motive for such headline grabbing act of aggression is easy because there are so many, and difficult, for exactly the same reason, but Putin's revenge does not figure too highly in my own estimation, can anyone seriously assert that he would sanction such an action, with the 1st round of Presidential elections starting just two weeks later, on 18th March.

With the World Cup just three months away, would Putin or any patriotic Russian, put their nation under so dark a shadow? I think not.

Remembering the winter Olympics of Sochi 2014,  there are some striking similarities to this World Cup, with objections and disparagement's surrounding both that and this.

But there are other, more sinister similarities.

It is almost three months to the start of the World Cup in June, and at about the same time before Sochi, we saw the commencement of Euromaidan, which resulted in the overthrow of Victor Yanukovyc just two days before the closing ceremony in Russia.

Using the cover of a prestigious sporting event to embarrass or distract an enemy is nothing new, but it is that word 'enemy' which bothers me.

We see arms sales increasing to that most unstable and bellicose administration in Ukraine, with their fascist armies recruiting on the streets of London, and now we have a small English city at the center of a dastardly plot to eliminate this previously little-known spy and again bring the world's attention upon the Russian State.

The use of chemical/nerve agents means this is unlikely to be a personal attack, but just who conspired to poison a middle aged man and his daughter will remain a mystery for some time to come, but the list of suspects is far longer than we are led to believe, and stretches from Washington DC all the way to Kiev and beyond to the gates of the Kremlin, but I sincerely doubt, they continue beyond and inside those walls, in any officially, or unofficially, sanctioned position.

Regardless of who carried out this act, my greater concern is that the people of the Donbass may have more to worry about in the coming year, than who will win the World cup.